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Temple Food Circuit



During the British Raj, Delhi was a district city of the Punjab Province of British India. As Delhi attracted many immigrants, a wave of new cultures, religions and food touched this city making it diverse in its ethnic groups. With this continuing influence of different cultures it is now difficult to define Delhi and characterize its culture or religion. From temples to churches and from mosques to gurudwaras, Delhi is a home to all the religions. Experience the essence and power of spirituality as this time we take you for an enthralling and enlightening TEMPLE FOOD WALK.

Worship the South Indian deity and taste the heavenly prasada of khichdi and sweets, an experience so calming and peaceful, a perfect way to start the day. Visit the Radha Krishna temple to understand the philosophy of The Bhagvad Gita and devour on a vegetarian, hearty and wholesome meal, which if first offered to god and then to the devotees. Experience the connection between God and food by visiting the Gurudwara which means the gateway of the guru and do community service or seva at one of India’s mega kitchens, LANGAR, where everyone believes that ‘ God comes to the hungry in the form of food’ as they feed hundreds of devotees everyday. Food holds a great significance in this religion as sharing food instils equality between the people, regardless of caste, gender, race and religion. They serve simple, soulful food like cooked lentils which are mildly spiced, cooked vegetables, rice and bread.Discover the healing power of spirituality, visit a mosque to experience an environment in which one can actually connect with the supreme. They practice dietary laws form their teachings which are stated as Haram and Halal. They believe that feeding someone, anyone is equivalent to worshiping the divine. Biryani- flavourful rice , cooked with meat and infused with fragrant and earthy spices is an integral part of their food culture; a staple served to one and all.

A walk that is designed to leave you spellbound.







Starting from
₹ 5,000
6 Hours
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