Growing on the banks of the Bhramaputra, the slopes of the Himalayas, and into the south, Indian teas are known for their dazzling variety. From black to white, green to oolong and from Assam to Darjeeling, tea is simply the king of brews.

Dilliwalas simply love their tea, after water, it is the first thing served to guests. Irrespective of the season, taking a chai break is always justified at any place, anytime and anywhere. It is also every mother's first line of defence against diseases, due to its medicinal properties. Tea infused with a variety of Indian spices adds a punch to this beverage.

As Delhi acquires the trappings of a modern metropolis, the carts dedicated exclusively to serving tea, which once could be found at almost every kilometre in the city are now becoming fewer. With the upcoming of many of many chai houses in the city, Delhi is now a home to this changing trend.

Delhi Food Walks is all geared up to refresh your senses with its upcoming TEA TRAIL. This trail intends to walk you through the changing tea culture of this city, from ‘nukkadki chai’ to posh tea houses, this walk promises you an enriching experience. You can devour on the tea time snacks that every Dilliwala swears by – rusk, fen, matthi, murku, namakpaarey, gathiya, khattameetha mixture, aloolachcha and many more which perfectly compliment the tea.

The walk will start with exploring the lanes of PuraniDilli and sipping the Golden Chai – tea with a special topping of almonds and saffron, Kashmiri Laal Chai and a Malaichai at shops which arehanded over from father to son, most of them now being managed by the fourth or fifth generations. 

Our next stop will be a chai house located in the plush and posh South Delhi, where some very interesting and unusual flavours of chai await you. Then we head to a restaurant for a lip smacking South Indian lunch. For some inspiration and motivation then we head towards ITO to meet Mr.LaxmanRao, who is the author of 24 books and the owner of a tea stall. We finally wrap up the trail by visiting a tea house for an exclusive and exotic tea tasting session.






Starting from
₹ 5,500
5 Hours
Departure schedule
On request


  1. Tea Costs
  2. Snack Costs
  3. South Indian Lunch in a Restaurant
  4. Bottle water
  5. Pick up from the hotel and Drop off to the hotel
  6. Hand sanitiser/Wet wipes