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Kathputli Colony Walk


‘Kathputli Colony Walk’

By puppeteers from ‘Project Kayakalp’ – an initiative by Enactus Shri Ram College of Commerce.

In association with Delhi Food Walks theater and folk arts | Story hunts and


Crafting Experiential Journeys

Kathputli Colony is home to a host of talented artists like the Indian puppeteers, sword-swallowers and folk dancers - jewels that adorn the Indian heritage who have been pushed to the verge of extinction due to lack of audience. Our puppeteers are trained to carry out thematic walks in order to give a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Kathputli Colony. We tailor our itineraries keeping in mind the traveler’s interests and convenience.


Performative Journeys

Puppet shows performed by our artists are not only a source of entertainment but they are a medium to convey crucial social and environmental messages to the society. Engage in witnessing these shows which certainly will leave you awe-struck!

Educational Programs

Learn how to make puppets as you move around the Kathputli colony lanes with our puppeteers! Take along a handful of them and flaunt your newly found puppet making skills!



During the walk you can catch hold of some beautiful Elephant Ladis, wall hangings, eye-catching puppets and much more utility based merchandise!


Empowering Lives

Professional problems like seasonal nature of work, lack of education, lack of a basic organisational structure, restricted market exposure and internal wage cutting had forced the traditional artists of Kathputli colony to live in deplorable conditions. By enrolling for this walk you have become a part of our endeavor that aspires to set the stage for these preservers of Indian heritage to display their forte in full fervour, hoping to empower the community with new found certainty and faith in the art form.

Take the Kathputli colony walk with our puppeteers and have an authentic, unique and eclectic Delhi experience!




Starting from
₹ 3,000
3 Hours
Departure schedule
On request